Do You Want To Live Forever?

Do You Want To Live Forever?

Would you like to find new ways to live a happier healthier life for longer?

Are you interested in personalised hints and tips and lifestyle changes, to wind back your biological clock?

What if it was possible to reverse ageing, end disease and live forever?

In the 9Network's groundbreaking new series, Do You Want to Live Forever?, we will guide eight Aussies on a powerful journey to stop the clock and turn back time.

The show will examine if we really can wind back our biological clocks, analyse the secrets of living younger longer and ask, "Can we really end disease?"

We are looking for entertaining and motivated teams of two to participate in this ground breaking medical documentary series Channel 9 and 9Now.

It doesn't matter what age you both are, or what state of health you are both in.

If you want to live longer and live better, click here to apply now.