Exclusive: Chantelle Otten and Dylan Alcott open up about egg freezing and the possibility of starting a family on Big Miracles

There were two familiar faces on Episode 2 of Big MiraclesChantelle Otten and former Australian of the Year Dylan Alcott.

Unlike a lot of other couples on the series they aren't going through IVF, but actually egg freezing – and it's a process Chantelle believes is super important to show.

"For me, it was super important to show menstruators who are around my age that you can have a safety blanket and take control of your fertility by freezing your eggs," she explained in an exclusive interview with 9Entertainment.

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The Melbourne based Psycho-Sexologist added: "I see a lot of patients come in and out of my clinic who are rushing into relationships or jumping out of nice relationships because they're worried about their biological clock.

Chantelle Otten and Dylan Alcott on Big Miracles
Chantelle Otten and Dylan Alcott are going through the egg freezing process on Big Miracles. (Nine)

"They don't realise that they can get their fertility tested at MIVF and get a bit more awareness around their individual circumstances.

"For me, even prior to freezing my eggs, the process of getting my fertility tested through this process has been really important. I knew I wanted to do it anyway but to be able to educate in the process on a large scale is wonderful. It's been beautiful for Dylan and I to be able to experience this together."

Chantelle had quite a lot of knowledge going into the process and the process of fertility treatments due to her line of work.

"I had a good level of knowledge, but it was incredible to learn more and see how much you can achieve and it reiterated how wonderful it is to have a great team around you that you trust and feel comfortable with," she added.

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Chantelle Otten and Dylan Alcott on Big Miracles
Chantelle had a lot of knowledge about the IVF process and fertility treatment before their appointment. (Nine)

Throughout the process, the thing that surprised Chantelle the most was just how many eggs they were able to retrieve.

"I have PCOS, I've had troubles with menstruation, I've had troubles with prospects of fertility in the past and was worried," she said.

"I didn't know if I could have children but through this process I've gained more reassurance and knowledge that there are many possibilities for myself and that Dylan and I have a very bright future when it comes to making a family."

While the couple aren't looking at starting a family right now, having a family one day was something Chantelle and Dylan spoke about at the very beginning of their relationship.

"We spoke about it and we thought about having kids early on, but then as time progressed... while we have never challenged the want to have kids with each other, our lives have become very busy and our respective careers have both taken very amazing and interesting pathways. So we're just not in the space to be having children right now," she explained.

"It is, however, something we talk about often and are excited about."

Dylan echoed that and added: "We're both young but also super pumped to be parents one day so it's something we're excited to think further about in the future."

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Chantelle Otten and Dylan Alcott on Big Miracles
The couple are excited about the idea of starting a family one day. (Nine)

Chantelle explained it was actually during COVID when they started to look at their options for the future and really discussed it.

"Honestly, we just came together and I said, 'I think I might freeze my eggs'. Dylan thought it was a great idea," she said.

"We weren't sure what our fertility journey would be like as a couple so this felt like a natural next step in our process. It didn't take us long to think about it but in terms of taking steps and looking at options."

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Although there's no set timeline for a baby joining their lives, Dylan made it clear in Episode 2 that he'd be happy with more than one and even brought up the idea of twins.

"Why not! I think it would be cool," he said.

"I like the idea of our kids having a little friend with them at all times. However, we will be happy with absolutely anything."

Big Miracles premieres on Monday February 6 at 9.00pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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